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And so are ideas

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Hello, dear followers!

It is with great excitement that I finally reveal… WRITERS UNITE! A book by writers, and for writers. Made with the help of over 200 Tumblr Writers, compiled by yours truly, and with a cover by the fantastic Plaguesworth!

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What exactly is this eBook about? Well, here’s the gist of it:

WRITERS UNITE! is a book of writing advice, inspiration, and tips. Over 200 Tumblr authors answered the question:

"What is the one piece of advice you wish you would’ve known when you first got started writing?"

This FREE eBook is a compilation of their writing advice, and their stories. You can have access to this nexus — this fountain of knowledge — at no cost whatsoever. Take it, learn, and drink with us!

When writers unite, great things happen~ ♥︎

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Love is not blind
If she feels it, she’ll see it
Or maybe you’re looking the wrong direction
Don’t you feel it, don’t you feel it
Fill me up with bullets in my bloodstream
Maybe the poison can make me see
Hallucinate, pretend its not there
Maybe then you’ll care
Shoot me in the eye with a dart
So I can be as blind as you think she is
Life’s a game, and I’m a player
But fill me up with bullets
And I’ll have not a prayer

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When I feel like crying
He makes me smile again
When I feel like laughing
He makes me shine again
I have never felt so in love before

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I have a wildfire under my skin
Now do you understand why I let no one in?
Liquid fire is shining through me
And I can’t help but see
All my flaws are illuminated
And my hunger cannot be sated.
So now do you see?
So now do you see?

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Academic Child

Academic child
Where are your wires?
Why are you running
Round, so wild?
Academic child
Sit down and read
And don’t you ever, ever
Dare to dream
Academic child
Where is your fire?
Why are you so
Skilled, at being a lair?
Academic child
Sit down and see
Broken is what you
Can’t afford to be

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I’m telling you right now
Chase after your love with
The speed of a wildebeest
Catch up to them and say
How much you enjoy not being
Able to breath around them
Tell them all the little stories
You were saving for a rainy day
Catch them before the taxi
Carries them away from you

I may be sobbing on the floor
But please don’t think I adore
You any less, you are my rock
Please don’t leave
I need you to pick up the pieces
Of my dreams.

The time is now
Ask for a dance, laugh when
The person you love is tripping
Over their feet
Because at least when they fall
You can catch them
The same way you once caught me

I can still feel your heartbeat
Pounding right next to mine
It’s so hard to let go of something
That once seemed as vital to me
As my own heart.

Leave me sobbing on the floor
You can’t lose this chance
You can’t miss this dance
To be with the one you adore

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My heart is burning

Not from the hurts of the past
But from the hope of the future
I’ve never felt quite so alive

It makes me feel like I can do anything
Become anything I want
But all I want is to be with you
You don’t even have to love me
Just let me spend all eternity with you

There is a part of me that says I’m being foolish
That its never good to listen to feelings
But how can I ignore my heartbeat so
Loud in my ears like the beating of a drum
How can I when it drowns out my mind?

Just give me one good reason
To stay and to never walk away
And I’ll take it

My heart is burning

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