for a good part of my life i thought lgbt was some sort of sandwich like if the b means bacon then i support your right to be delicious


and now i can go to my grave knowing that i am right about everything

If its anything like a BLT….so the L stands for lettuce, the B for bacon, and the T for tomato, then what’s the G? Grapes?

Sky Blue

Like the sky, a brilliant azure wash of color

I want to fly so high, my wings a’flutter

To touch the colors without a stutter

Of words that twist and smother

Like the color blue,

I want to be the one you knew

Who represents the wide-eye view

Of all the possibilities true

The color represents my life

Of what it could be without strife

The hope to shoot for and listen to

The choice to root for and help you

That is the sky

The brilliant color of my life


Perfection In Imperfection

It only when the world falls apart

When souls are tore apart by sorrow

Can we find ourselves

Stripped of glittering glamour

A whole world of utter perfection

A chance to see our souls

Broken and battered in the snow

But somehow even more true

Of perfection in imperfection

Reflections of reality

Incased in pure honesty

When the world falls apart

You can’t hide your true self

For each piece is incased

In the purity of the snow, reflecting reality

Even as atoms split

They fuse together

Creating a new reality, new hope

And the world will again be incased in glamour

Glittering lies of false hope






Finally hit 500! Pretty excited! I’ve been thinking about the giveaway, and I might do a “favorites” giveaway, where I would give a couple albums (vinyl), maybe some cds, books, not quite sure yet, message me any ideas!

Everyone! She got 500 followers I’m so happy for you! And if any of my followers love me you should follow her because everything she writes is like amazing! So go check her writing out!

Paper Wings

She was ice

Not liquid ice but

Pure undisguised hatred

You could see it in her eyes

Blue lakes of torture

And mouth slashed in a line

Claiming she’s fine

While oceans spill over

And over and over

A wreck in disguise

With angel wings

And violent mood swings

She never sings

An angel that never speaks

A human weak and meek

Covered in ice

And gossamer paper wings

Fragility in disguise

Compulsive lies

About how she’s just so-o fine

If only her eyes

Didn’t hide oceans of emotion

‘Till you see her in motion

She’s just the same

As everyone else in this game

But she was ice

And she always hides

Behind paper wings

Claiming she’ll fly

When she’ll only flee

Same as you and me


Soft Sounds

As I lay on the cold hard ground

Soft sounds escape my lips

Whether they are soft sighs

Or silent weepings, it does not

Matter, as my shattered body lies on the ground

I think back to the times I lacked

The courage to jump, wondering idly

What would happen if I did

But this time I did not jump

I fell, as soon as I embraced

The path my feet were on

I fell into living hell

AS if fate was saying

There’s no point to not hate

As if there’s a way to

Live without fire in my eyes

Too bad there were no goodbyes

And as I close my eyes

Light washes over me

                She had fallen

Deep into the depths that were calling

                She didn’t jump

She carried herself so tall

                She fell

Deep down into living hell

                Did she jump?

Life goes on